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Can't afford $140 copay for Entocort - Help!

I had to go on Medicare Sep 1; had private insurance before so paid $10-$15 copay for my Entocort.
Medicare copay for Entocort is $140 & I can't afford it.
I've gone online & searched for assistance & all I can find is assistance for those who are uninsured.
I called my doctor's office & told her nurse what's going on & stressed I need help.
I called the Medicare prescription provider & asked them for a tier exception; my doctor filled out required paperwork & it was denied.
Surely there are some kind of programs out there? I ran out of Entocort last Thursday.
Does anyone know of any program I can get help from?
I told the nurse to ask my doctor if there's a different medication she can prescribe that costs less; waiting for reply. I REALLY need help!

I would really appreciate any information, advice, suggestions, etc. I feel so frustrated and scared that not being able to take my medication could be making my Crohn's worse!

Dana Boulware
Lufkin TX
The $140 is for the generic Budesonide; not the name brand Entocort. I've contacted my doctor's office 3 times since last week to see if there's any kind of program that can help me or if there is another kind of medication that can be prescribed that is comparable to Budesonide that doesn't cost so much; I've gotten no response...I'm feeling really scared and alone.

Check out some of the Canadian pharmacies on Google. Your doc has to write the prescription exactly like what they offer, but that might be a cheaper option.


Super Moderator
Is it possible to switch to prednisone instead? That's a much cheaper steroid. My aunt who has Crohn's was prescribed Entocort (name-brand). Her insurance is apparently terrible - she was told that it's something like $1000 per month without insurance, and with her insurance it'd be like $900 per month. Um, no. The doctor agreed to put her on pred instead because it was more like $10 per month. I know that pred has potentially more side effects and can be more harsh, but the upside is that it's much more affordable.