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Can't cope

Hi all, I joined the forum some months ago and then went unto hiding unable to cope . I was diagnosed with crohns in Dec , haemmoraged twice resulting in blood transfusions and was told I have a recto vaginal fistula.and had seton stitch . Started humira infusions but on 4th infusion had anaphylactic shock , so was discontinued , same reaction with a lot of oral drugs . I then had an ilieostomy to rest my bowel with a view to repairing the fistula, had a sigmoidoscopy a few days ago but bowel inflamed and biopsies taken.and surgeon not wanting to attempt a repair of fistula , been bleeding ever since , pv and pr as my bowel and vagina are connected . Have no idea were we go from here and just been told to wait for biopsy results , feel so tired , low and struggling to be positive . Has anyone out there experienced similar to my story ? And any positive outcomes or advice ?

fuzzy butterfly

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Hi im sorry for all your dealing with hun. Im also sorry i have no advice as iv not dealt with any of the issues you have.Except the ileostomy. I just wanted to say i hope you get things sorted quickly and to send you support n best wishes. I hope someone on here can help. Try n hang in there i know the waiting can be awful tho. Take care 💕💋
I'm so sorry that you've been through so much! I've only been recently diagnosed, but I can relate to how you're feeling tired and lowly. I suggest getting a support base. Although they can't completely understand, having someone to talk to when you need it is so helpful! I hope everything works out okay for you and that you start feeling better soon!