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Can't leave the house or exercise

Before my third surgery, when they removed 2 feet of small bowel and a foot of colon, I never had a problem with urgency. Now, if I'm flaring just a tiny bit, I can't leave the house at all. I can't take my kids to a park or meet a friend for dinner. I tried to go out last night and it was a failure. I had to use the restroom and someone kept banging on the door, so I had to get out and had to use it almost immediately again. I ended up racing home and barely making it. It was embarrassing for my kids to see me like that. They're already reminded on a daily basis that their mom is sick and I don't want to add an accident on top of that.

I'm finding that not leaving the house is not good for my mental health. I feel trapped and like a failure. I take Imodium like crazy, but it doesn't work enough to allow me to confidently hop in a car for 15 minutes. To top it off, if I move around, I need to go to the bathroom more, so walking in the mall is impossible even if there are restrooms around and I've starved myself in order to leave the house. Does anyone else have this problem where moving around triggers more D?
I'm so sorry that you are feeling like this :(

Have you tried Psyllium husk, or asked for questran or anything like that to help with the urgency and diarrhea??

Dusty recommended the psyllium husk and it has worked pretty well for me. Not all of the time, but for the most part it does :)


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oh,you poor thing,Ifeel really sorry for you.I also recommend psyllium husks.I'm not nearly as sick as you but do suffer with urgency and I have found psyllium a great help,Everyones different,but it's worth a try.Don't take too close to meds. and remember to drink PLENTY of water throughout the day.hope you improve soon.
I have UC (or had UC, rather) ((fingers crossed)) and on days where diarrhea was especially bad, any type of movement sent me flying to the restroom. It is extremely frustrating. I was like you too... no amount of Imodium or lomotil made a difference for me.
I feel so bad for you, not being able to even walk around the mall for 15 min. I used to have more urgency, twice, after trying to hold it, I even had it running down my legs as I ran in home to use the toilet. It's horrible, and when it's at it's worst like that, I don't eat through the day, and make sure I go toilet right before having to go out. I hope it settles for you. Xoxo
Thank you, guys, for the support! I did use Metamucil until my doctor thought it was aggravating my intestines and told me to stop. It helped a little bit and I'm going to start taking it again. Right now, I take Questran and it doesn't help too much, although I bet it helps more than I know. I'm sure if I stopped taking it, I would be glued to the toilet. I'm seeing a new GI today and I hope he has some suggestions. I had my Humira shot, yesterday, and the D has calmed down but I'm so afraid of leaving the house.
That is such a bummer! I've had those days and was sticking with protein powder shakes from Whole Foods, (I'm sorry but can't remember which one. I know it had to be low-sugar and I just added water). I would sip some here and there all day so that my stomach could handle it and my digestion would slow down a bit. I know you must be getting great weather like us here, so maybe just throw a beach chair and a perky beach towel outside in your yard, when the kids nap, or have a picnic party or read to them out there, and grab your favorite music to listen to? The kids could dance or play Mother May I? and you could just sit. Perhaps someone can pick up a great book for you like Bill Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods," or Elizabeth Berg's "Open House," for any downtime, and you will laugh out loud (always good medicine). Well, I know you don't want to laugh too hard.... ; ) When I felt lousy one summer, I took up knitting (if I can do it, anyone can) so I would feel productive when I couldn't do much else. I made a list of people I wanted to give scarves the coming holiday. That is the worst nagging feeling, that "uselessness," Ugh! We Crohnny moms/dads never give ourselves enough credit.

Sybil, Do something small that is for you today. You are amazing for all that you do despite your illness. Give yourself permission to just sit there, soak up the sun, and listen to all the spring birds with your kids. It's OK.

I hope things slow down for you really soon so you have your freedom!