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Can't sleep

Uhh I can't sleep tonight bc of this constant squeezing pain in my side.. I work in a few hours and have yet been able to fall asleep. I finally started eating fairly normal again and I'm starting to get "the pain" that we all know so well again. Such a bummer
I've been taking hydrocodone all day. It helps take most of the pain but it's still bad enough to keep me awake.

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Aw hun, may be try to limit your diet to bland food for a few days n see if it helps the pain. Sometimes it can take a while for the body to adjust to foods. Take it slowly reintroducing different things to see what effect if any they have on your belly. Hope you feel better soon, :hug :💕
Thanks guys.. I did manage about an hour of sleep before I had to head to work.. Having a lot of pain today..

La mierda it is a buffalo at the theodore roosevelt national park in north dakota
it is really pretty in that area.. most of north dakota is flat and boring.. only bad part is that's where the oil country is.. so it's a nightmare to try and drive through there.
Sounds ideal for terrain walking though. Dunno maybe in between the tiredness take the days you feel good to get as much as possible done
We went for a walk the other day and that was great.. I think I just over ate yesterday.. I'm on Prednisone right now too and finally started getting the munchies pretty badly.. Didn't eat anything terrible for me, but just ate too much I think. The prednisone munchies are hard to resist. But my fatigue is actually much better right now. I think I must have gotten low on a vitamin.. I started taking a b12, upped my vitamin d and magnesium last week. So maybe that's finally starting to kick in, I don't have the shakes nearly as bad as I did.. Just have the abdomen pain.. Which I guess in the long run isn't the worst thing I could be dealing with.
Sorry to hear about the pain and lack of sleep! Try and keep a positive mind today and don't overwork yourself. Keep the faith!! Good luck today
Bought some soy mince not really looking at the ingredients cooked it last night and found it had gluten in lol. Felt a bit like an inflated balloon during the night guess I'm gonna feel that again tonight as i have leftovers I'm gonna have then I'm going to bung the rest away. Made sure the next lot is gluten free. 😃😃😃
I've never had too many problems with food.. I did gluten free for awhile and it didn't make a huge difference for me. I just have to remember not to overeat.. I love food. haha
I second that lol though some day's i don't want to eat but at least I'm able on the most part to steer clear of most junk food temptations though i have times i could murder a mars bar or a twix or two ☺
mmm chocolate would be good right now.. I do have issues with sugar lately.. Which I guess is good. but I miss chocolate and pop.. However, I did eat a cheeseburger the other day.. I was really looking forward to that.. And it went down just fine
Sticking with my vegetarian diet always wanted to go vegetarian but never thought i could manage it before. Within the last few days have also managed to reduce the syrup in my coffee hibiscus tea and roiboos to just one teaspoon so far it tastes fine. Down to just the one cup of coffee in the morning aswell so I'm happy with that. ☺☺☺
mmm chocolate would be good right now.. I do have issues with sugar lately.. Which I guess is good. but I miss chocolate and pop.. However, I did eat a cheeseburger the other day.. I was really looking forward to that.. And it went down just fine
I can't do anything with caffeine
I drink a lot of green tea.. That's always really helped my stomach and gives me a bit of caffeine.. I haven't had pop in awhile. But I guess that's ok. I don't think I could do vegetarian.. I love a good cheeseburger once in awhile..
Used to live on rustlers micro burgers and micky d's double cheese and double egg mcmuffins thought makes me queasy now urgh 😷😷😷 but honestly if you enjoy what you eat that's all that matters ☺☺☺
Hope you get some sleep tonight start feeling better!
I woke up at 4 this morning with abdominal pain. I'm thinking it's stricture in my small bowel from eating rice chips with some grass fed cheddar on them while watching football last night. I also have been stressing about surgery on my lip Wednesday due to a biopsy coming back as a squamous cell. I thought it was going to be another trip to the hospital this morning, but I did some breathing exercises which helped some and was able to make a few bathroom trips. Still not feeling the best. I know my drill now is to not it much for a few days.

Stay strong.
thanks SB, we can suffer together then haha. I'm actually doing much better this afternoon. Took it easy on food and now it's a bit better.