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Can't take prednisone!


I have been diagnosed with crohn's and achieved a semi remission using budesonide and mesalamine then switched to imuran after flaring again, and now imuran stopped working.
Moreover, I can't be using prednisone for induction of remission however due to a mood disorder.
Is someone in a similar situation? More specifically, jejunal crohn's?
Also how did you get into remission without using prednisone?

Thanks in advance

my little penguin

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You can take een (exclusive enteral nutrition -formula only - no solid foods ) this is used in kids to avoid side effects of steriods and is very effective
Formul only for 6-8 weeks
Maintenance meds are still needed
So if you failed 5-Asa abd imuran
Then there are biologics
Remicade is an infusion and humira is an injection
Both are used a lot in crohns
My kiddo has been on all of the above meds and used een way back when
Biologics were extremely helpful for him
And he has been on them for over 10 years now
No issues
Good luck
Corticosteroids are never meant to be a long term solution. So many doctors mis-prescribe steroids to people with Crohn's. It's supposed to be short term (3 months or less) to try to break you out of a flare. But, many leave their patients on it for longer than the recommended timeframe. I know - I was one of them and started having reactions relating to being on steroid medications for too long.

I would speak to your doctor about trying biologics next. I've been on Humira for about 4 years now and it has kept almost all of my Crohn's symptoms at bay. I was more than skeptical about it in the beginning, but after a couple of months of using it, I started feeling better than I had felt in years.