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Capsule endoscopy doc wants to consult another doc

I've had symptoms and intermittent flares or attacks as I call them, for just about 9 years now. Childbirth triggered whatever this is and I haven't been the same since. My story is so very long and I don't want to bore you so I will be as brief as possible. List of symptoms and problems:
Upper abdominal pain attacks intermittently and at least monthly if not more
Migrating arthritis type pains in large joints
History of infectious colitis (without stool testing)
Hidradenitis suppurativa
Sacroiliac sclerosis picked up on a CT years ago
Daily symptoms outside of attacks like loud borborygmi, bloating, trapped gas
Cannot eat fiber, fruits, veggies, salads, popcorn, eggs, onions, garlic
Alternate between semi solid and semi liquid bms and frequent movements anywhere from three to six or more times daily
Now have nutritional deficiencies in b12, iron, calcium, vitamin d
Had a capsule endoscopy last week and I haven't heard anything so I called today and the receptionist put me on hold for a bit then said hat the doc looked through the images and wants to consult with another doc on one of the images but told me not to worry. He will call soon.
What do you think he wants to consult about? Did he find something and wants his colleague to confirm or refute? Did he find nothing and wants the doc to make sure?
Anyone have any ideas?


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He probably just wants to check with someone who likely has more experience reading capsule camera images to make certain of his conclusions.
Thank you for replying. I just called again and was told I would hear from the doctor by the end of the day, which in grateful for considering it's a long holiday weekend this weekend. This time I spoke to another receptionist- very sweet and friendly- and she said she saw the images but of course doesn't know what she's looking at (which I think she probably knows more than she realizes in her line of work), and that the doctor wanted a second
opinion. I am also grateful for that- after having many docs over eight years at least now I have one who is being thorough! I'm just nervous that the "one image of question" is going to be a tumor! Ahhh I'm so worried!


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Tumor? Anything is possible, but a tumor in the small bowel would be very unusual. Capsule endoscopy is mostly used to visualize the small bowel, since the large bowel can be better and more easily seen by routine colonoscopy. A far more likely explanation is that the doc has seen something on the image and can't decide whether it's an aphthous ulcer, a full-on ulcer, some vague inflammation, or just some shadow or artifact.

Just sit tight and try not to worry. The sound of hoof beats is far more likely to a sign of horses rather than zebras.