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Capsule endoscopy or MRI ?

Hi after i did 2 Mri they didnt find any thing i was wondring should i do capsule endoscopy ?
Do you have blood in your stool? That would be a big indicator of Crohn's or Colitis. Do you have any other symptoms?

You could try a different doctor's opinion and see what they think.
If there is no blood, it could be a sign of IBS. IBS and Crohn's both have similar symptoms, but with Crohn's, there would be blood in your stool and inflammation somewhere along your digestive track.
Been reading this forum for a while and never posted. But this situation is the same as mine. I have crohns.

I had a colonoscopy, endoscopy, showed nothing. Blood work was indicating high likely hood of crohns. One dr. said, "uh, might be a virus". ok....

Next Dr. did a capsule endoscopy that showed signs of inflammation confirming crohns.

My symptoms were the same. Diarrhea and stomach pain.

So, yes do the capsule.
Do the capsule, but I was wondering if your doctor has ordered any bloodwork recently. There are multiple conditions that can present as abdominal pain. Two things that come to mind are pancreatitis and appendicitis.
2009 appendicitis removed, last blood test crp,esr,fc was in September but all the test was normal, last month i did stool analysis and found (yeast +1 ) doctor said its normal forget about it , my problem that from 2015 suffer from chronic gastritis and i think there is connection between gastritis and small intestine. I did also (( iga igg igm )) test
I found low igm.
Thank god your radiology report is perfect.
You could try the capsule endoscopy too to exclude any possibility and to help you gain back your calmness.
Wish you the very best
Hello again after using curcumin + probiotics 20 billion for 1 week i beacome normal no pain also 2 time stool movement a day, i saw pref. He told me you have ibs . And he give me dogmatil 50.
Back again after 3 month i did capsule endoscopy and they found 3 erison in jejunum. And i saw 3 GI after they said its normal and dont think about it only one doctor she said maybe crohns but we will not do anything. We will wait and keep an eye on you.all blood test and fecal calprotecten normal. Only low iron.i went to ER last month after pain and they give me Flagyl and after i use it for 7 days the pain like almost gone.