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Capsule endoscopy


hanaa al baydany

capsule endoscopy

Hello every body.
Can any one tell me all steps and procedures before and after the capsule endoscopy? Is there any complaction?
Thanksssssssssssss.:sign0085: :sign0085:


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Wish I could help Hanaa. I haven't experienced that (yet). I understand that its a pretty simple process. Here's hoping someone with 1st hand experience will fill you in.. I'm very confident that you have nothing to fear regarding this process.
You have to be careful if you have any narrowing or strictures, else the capsule will get stuck and may require surgery. My doctor told me I cannot have this capsule endoscopy because I have a very narrowed ileum....

hanaa al baydany

Thank u .I will do barium first in London next monday.
I just had one done. I have 4 strictures in the small bowel and the pill did not get stuck. The doctor even had me get an x-ray to make sure.

It's an amazing device about the size of a large multi-vitamin. One end has a flashing strobe that fires off at 2 per second. In the approx. 8hr. battery life it shoots 50,000 pictures.

I have a set of the pictures and they are very clear. Anyway, the pill along with the Prometheus blood test confirmed crohns...damn.