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Capsule endoscopy

capsule endoscopy

i'm really frustrated. my dr's want me to do a capsule endoscopy to get a better look at my 2 new fistulas, but my insurance denied it. i was kind of excited because it is a chance for them to look inside unobtrusively... now we'll have to do a flex sig or an exam under anesthesia. i was hoping to be a little further into the process before we started poking around in there.... sigh.

has any one else done this test or had it denied?
I had the capsule. It was huge to swallow but it is a great way for the doctors to see your insides. It took pictures all the way through my digestive system. My insurance didn't want to do it either cause it is very expensive. But my doctor convinced them somehow... I can't remember what the main reason was. Maybe you can try fighting the insurance people again to have this. It is absolutely painless. And you get pictures of things Scopes miss. Good luck

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From our past symposium of crohns and colitis. They are shying away from the capsule swallow because initially it took 30,000 pictures and most times the affect areas were not shown as the computer auto matically skips a few and there fore missed. Now they have double sided cameras on the capsule which is 70,000 pictures! Do you know how long it takes to go through that many and can be missed!!! Another reason, some have had narrowing and it gets stuck which requires surgery to get it out...sop can be very costly to the insurance co. IN Canada we dont pay for it but no way am I taking it and getting stuck. I prefer the best way which is s sigmoid or colonoscopy and is seen right then and there.

So there you have it, a valid reason for the insurance not to cover it. Since it is so costly Canadian doctors are getting away from it.


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I am sorry your insurance denied the pill cam. I had this test; one of the easiest, though full prep was still involved. It's a great test because it can see so much of your GI tract. However, it can be a bit sensitive causing results to be questionable. Also, biopsies can't be taken. So, though it's a pretty cool test, I think you may get better results with the scope.

Good luck!
I've swallowed a pill camera about 4 times. I do remember, though, before the first one that I had to have every test in the book, including that awful small bowel follow through (which showed nothing) before they approved the pill camera. I thought it was odd considering that they ended up paying a lot more money in the end!