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Capsule Endoscopy

I'm undergoing the capsule endoscopy as we speak. I went in this morning, got hooked up to all of the wires and electrodes and the heavy battery pack, swallowed the flashing camera and came home to work.

I wanted to say THANK YOU to whoever posted about this and advised NOT to go to work. I can't remember who it was, but you were right!!! I look like I have a bomb strapped to me. I just hope that they can find something that will help diagnose me after 8 years...
LOL Miss-E .. I usually just went home and slept during mine =) They told me the very first time not to go to the airport or anything
Good Luck Miss E I have not had this procedure but have read about it. It's something that my consultant has mentioned. Hope you get good results keep us posted
Would you believe that my RIDICULOUS gastroenterologist makes his gastro partner review all of his procedure results and since that man is out of town, he won't review them? The procedure was LAST MONDAY. So I have to wait until NEXT WEEK to get the results. I at least know there is no emergency because the tech said he is trained to see signs of emergency bleeding or obstruction requiring emergency surgery, but Crohn's etc, nope. So as I called my dr in pain crying yesterday, they decided to just prescribe more vicodin!! What kind of gastro can't even read his own procedure??

I mean being high is cool and all, but what do I do during the day when I have to work! Or when I'm at dance practice at night? I just suffer and don't eat! In the last week I've lost 3lbs. That's a lot for me.

I can't wait to get my results so I can get to John's Hopkins.
Tell us when you get your results back.
I´m also struggling for a diagnose and my doc prescribed me a capsule endoscopy. He has already warned me that the results don´t come as fast as we´d want to, because it´s a lot of data to process.
Right now I´m on Lonium (it´s actually a IBS medication), to see if it works. My colonoscopies come back clean, except for the biopsies, thet show mild inflammation. If Lonium works, we´ll work with the IBS diagnose... at least it feels better than having "no medication until we find out", like my previous doc wanted me to do.
Repeat Procedure

Well, another chapter in the capsule endoscopy saga....
So the physician in my gastro's practice finally gets around to reading the results, only to see that they cut OFF after the first picture!! Something malfunctioned and didn't work, so the exam will need to be repeated.

Of course I'm upset, because had the tech looked at the pictures for any emergencies (i.e blockages) immediately like they said they do, it would have been caught and I could have returned much sooner. And of course the surgery center says that out of 600 procedures, this has never happened. It's probably due to the batteries being changed so soon before the test began. Im debating whether or not I even want to have the test done or if I should just get my medical records and go to John's Hopkins.

So frustrated and have now stopped eating,