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Capsule question

My son had a capsule endoscopy on Tuesday and unlike the previous two he has had where he passed the capsule within a day or two, he hasn't seen this one, he said he's been checking and is thorough. I'm concerned that he has retained it, though wouldn't it be causing issues now or can they stay inside for longer? I'm thinking he may have missed it but I'd feel more comfortable knowing it was out? Has anyone had this happen before? Is an X-ray on the cards? I know it's a very small percentage that this can happen but I'm just a little worried! Thanks.
We have always been told to use a hat to check for the capsule. I would probably call the GI on Monday and let them know if you still haven't seen it.
Thanks, I'll give the capsule nurse a call first as she's easier to get hold off, that's her job so she knows how it all works!


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My daughter had an x ray to see if it passed, with the dummy pill. However, when we did the actual pill cam, it passed and even though she was looking carefully she somehow missed it (she was very disappointed :lol:). The doctor's office somehow knew that it passed when I called because we hadn't seen it, so I'm sure they'll have advice for you.

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They can tell by the video whether it got past the terminal ileum or not
Once it's in the large colon
No issues with getting stuck
DS saw his after 2-3 days
Thanks! I spoke to the nurse today, she is going to check with our doctor, I would feel better knowing for sure, so we might arrange an X-ray, I don't want it to stay inside, especially as my son is quite thorough checking!

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when will they be able to have the images from the pill? I'd wait for that before doing any x-ray with radiation, unless the GI thinks its really important.

makes me understand that if I get this test one day, i'll have to act as a scientific stool investigator, which will require more skills than what I already acquire in that field!