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Carbon 60

I have come across this product that has some amazing properties.

It is a super antioxidant, slows down aging by lengthening telomeres, kills many pathogens by way of sacrificing electrons and also brings your mitochondria back to functioning to there best potential. The one thing that really caught my attention is the ability to protect cells from radiation damage. I have had enough CT scans to light up a small city.

It also has an excellent safety profile.

It is called carbon 60 and four of my family members including myself just started using it for different reasons.

Will it help with Crohns? I don’t know the answer to that question but it certainly doesn’t sound like it could hurt.

There is quite a lot of info out there on it. Do your own research.
I am just putting it out there.

Best regards.

There are four of my family member that have been using Carbon 60 for a few days now for various reasons.

The one I am going to focus on here is my son who is in his early thirties and has hidradenitis suppurativa.
It started in his teenage years and has never left him since.

As many of you are aware his disease sometimes accompanies Crohn’s Disease but can also occur without a Crohn’s diagnosis.

There are two major problems with his condition in his particular case.
The first, and worst problem is chronic anxiety. It is an obstacle that hinders him in many ways. Mind racing through past and present problems constantly. Social anxiety in basically any situation where he is around a group of people he doesn’t know well.

The other serious problem is the large deep tissue sores which are pretty much similar to fistulas only they are not connected to the internal organs. At least not as far as we know.

They are always infected and they tunnel around until they form a head and then they drain. Extremely painful condition.

The day he took the carbon 60 his anxiety was gone. Not better, gone. It has not returned since.

His pain level has decreased substantially. It usually is constant pain to one degree or another. Now it’s minimal.

I have treated him in the past with the best alternative treatments I know of and really never made a dent in his disease.

This is an astounding result to even me, who has seen a lot of unexpected success using lesser known treatments.

Anxiety, pain is largely caused by inflammation. C-60 as a super antioxidant reduces inflammation in minutes. Not exaggerating here either.

Thats what I know so far. Thats four days of treatment so far. Never seen anything like it.

I am using Bob Greska’s at www.C-60.com

The reason being his is food grade as his process does not use Toluene or any other solvents. You can effectively remove most all solvents after processing but not 100%. I just do not want any impurities especially solvents. Not sure it matters but I am not taking a chance especially since it is not necessary.

If I was on medications, I would take it opposite of them.

thanks, please keep posting your observations about c60. Its appreciated. Using much of the anecdotal supplement use information posted here I have been able put myself into remission and drastically improve my moderate crohns. I am at about 90%, just need to get rid of that last 10%!
My son is also keeping a record of his results which will be far more detailed. I will post that after a longer period of time.

I am taking it also but I really do not have any symptoms to resolve any longer. It does seem to be working on something in my lower left quadrant in my guts. Can occasionally feel a dull ache there since I started taking it. Other than that I haven’t noticed much of anything.

Hello. I am the only one who uses it regularly. I can’t say I notice improvement mainly because I can’t really improve much more. I am essentially normal and was pretty much normal when I started using it.

My son has been testing various things for his hydradenitis. One thing that always helps is a clean diet. No processed foods, in another words real food prepared at home with good oils. He does better every time he goes back to that diet.

i am primarily taking C-60 for bodily repair as I am getting up their in age. It increases stem cells quite a lot. I tested it one a virus my wife had. After I had used another product to eliminate much of the virus her temperature returned to normal but she still didn’t feel well.
A dose of C-60 calmed down the cytokine storm and she felt better in minutes.

Do not know what the virus was for sure, but in many ways one virus is like any other.

it hasn’t resolved my hip problem which is probably just worn out but it does reduce the inflammation in the hip. Taking it in the evening as opposed to the morning made it so it doesn’t bother me as much.

I don’t consider it a magic bullet for Crohn’s. Its one part of helping my body in general.

I have more direct ways of controlling Crohn’s and C-60 is more of a general health item.

Best regards.

One thing I will add is that I think Carbon 60 has a chance at improving ankylosing spondylitis. The reason is it does seem to kill klebsiella pneumonia in the body. Klebsiella pneumonia has been identified by researchers as possibly involved with this particular condition.