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Career related question

Hello everyone,
My son was diagnosed with Crohns when he was in elementary school. He is now in high school and wants to become a Doctor. I wanted to know if people with disabilities, specifically with Crohns can become Doctors or if there are any restrictions. I tried researching on the internet but couldn’t find much information .
Thanks in advance for your help!

my little penguin

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No restrictions for doctors
Many Gi ‘s actually have Crohn’s disease
One thing many kids /teens in high school want to be one thing
Then change their mind after they start college

Just be aware immunocompromised and being around sick people —-means lots of universal precautions

he is young so no reason not yo work hard for a dream he has
Thank you so much for your response.:) I just want him to pursue whatever career field he chooses, as of now he seems to be pretty sure of his decision, but things can always change.


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wanted to second lots of MD's with IBD. My daughter's surgeon has UC and he is required to stand in one place for 4 hours at a time, no bathroom breaks. So far the only career we have come across with restrictions is armed forces, although I hear that is changing.
As others said there are GI Dr.s with these issues. In fact, one GI Dr. who was recommended to me if it turns out my son has Crohn's has struggled with a severe case of Crohn's himself since I think he was a teen. One of the many reasons he is so popular among families is because is so relatable.
Thanks for sharing that. My son mentioned interest in becoming a GI doctor too. Though his decisions and interests may change in the future, just knowing that it is possible to achieve these dreams makes me immensely happy.


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That's wonderful that he wants to be a doctor! At the children's hospital we went to, there were at least two GIs there who had IBD. And now that she has switched to an adult GI, there is a GI in the department who struggled with very severe Crohn's but is still an excellent doctor, researchers and advocate for patients with Crohn's.

Here is some of her story: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/obamacare-aca-supreme-court_n_5fa441efc5b623bfac4d3f7c
Such an inspiring story, thanks for sharing. Hats off to everyone who despite facing such challenges, still go on to achieve their goals.