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CBD Oil ?

Hi, folks,

I have had several people tell me about the benefits of CBD oil. Is anyone using this to treat Crohns ? If so, at what strength ? how much ? and how often do you use it ? Thanks for any input, Les
CBD oil it is a natural and very useful product for every person in this world. Personally I used it for pain reveal because I have problems with my back. I wanted to put a new record at the gym and broke my back. I passed a surgery but still I have pain, and CBD oil is helping me every day. Also it helps against a many health problems like depression, acne, cancer and others. Besides that there are a lot of other products made of cannabis. For example there are cbd gummies which are the best chewing gum alternative for vegans and a great calmative.
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Be very careful using any CBD product in the US. While I believe CBD and hemp oils are natural medicines, some employers are less than understanding when it comes to their use. Although "legal" in some states, it is still illegal on the Federal level. If your employer receives any sort of funding from the US Government, they may be required to conduct random drug testing. My job has a zero tolerance policy on any type of cannabis product use, meaning you will lose your job if you test positive.