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CCFA docs



This is just an opinionated post, but I thougth some others would be interested in knowing this since its not widely known.

I hear and see people on forums posting that you can go to the CCFA's website for a GI, I would definently not recommend this because all a doctor has to do is donate a certain amount of money to be on the list, I believe its only $200 and to be a "premier" physician its $1,000. So at the same time I go and any doc I hear is any good I search them against the CCFA's docs, and of course their not listed, because you shouldnt have to pay someone to be listed as a good doc if your a good doc. I rarely use CCFA because of this actually. But I do like how they stay up to date on washington and the lobbying for IBD funding and how they stay up to date on drugs in the pipeline.

Any comments? I'm sure someone can come along and re-direct to me that they have chosen a doctor from this list that is excellent, in which case I'm definetly glad you have found someone, I just find it fishy you have to pay to be on their list, does anyone else?

If I knew how to create a poll I could poll on this I guess, whether you find it ok to go by that alone or not, but I'm not that good at this forum YET so. But I'll get there, I certianly wont be going anywhere.
I have not chosen from the list but was forced to take a doctor on the list. His name is Dr. Hyams in Connecticut and he is a fantastic doctor. I am in remission so that is a good thing. The only problem I have found is that he gave me Celexa and I just found out today from a nurse is that men have really bad side effects to Celexa as in they start getting shaky and cant concentrate and stuff.

I have recomended looking their if you are having trouble finding a doctor in your area so in that respect I think it is a great thing but since it is so cheap... I guess its just another type of advertisement for them.


Oh No problem with doc here. I've had the same GI and surgeon the whole time, had my surgeon longer then GI actually because I got a abcess before diagnosed.

I was actually on celexa by my GI also, weird. I never recieved any side effects at all, especially not the ones your mentioning. Maybe its just listing in the side effects.
You are probably the first guy I have heard of that did not have a side effect to it. It is also not listed as an anxiety medicine if I remember correctly.


I did not even realize that the CCFA had a list like that.

While that is a very valid point, it may be better to visit it someone who at least donated money to CCFA (which would hopefully show that they know of or something about IBD) than any other doctor who has very limited experience with it.

While I would agree with everything you said, sometimes you will feel more comfortable finding someone who has experience with the disease.


Point taken!

I agree actually.

What were you taking the med for then jeff? I was on it for anxiety.
I was on it for anxiety and depression but supposedly it is not even listed in the med books as an anxiety medicine. I will search it in a bit to check.

I just researched it and it is not FDA approved for anxiety and in some cases can actually cause anxiety. It is more of a depression medication but and in some cases can help anxiety but it has to be with depression if that makes any sense.
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