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CD, libido and antifungal drugs?

has anyone noted the dependence on libido and antifungal drugs?

I was officially diagnosed with Crohn's Disease 2 years ago. At the moment I am not going through any therapy, since my body rejects 5-ask acid (Pentasa leads to a temperature closer to 40 degrees, and salofalk leads also to temperature and total loss of force - can't even get up from bed), and but for biology, I do not have enough money. Right now I'm taking metronidazole situationally and a lot of enzymes, and vitamins + a specific diet to reduce the symptoms of my CD.

About a year and a half ago, after one of the colonoscopies, a white coating appeared on the tongue. Did a lot of smears - only the microflora is found. Tried a bunch of preparators - coating remains. Raids on other mucous membranes also began to appear regularly, the heels regularly turning red and hurt, and the nails deteriorating - probably a fungal nature. In addition, my libido has noticeably decreased, I previously attributed it to covid, as I managed to get sick of it many times. But I'm starting to think that it is mainly due to Crohn's disease. of course, I have checked it many times with doctors - they said no pathology has find except CD.

Since a white coating on the mucous membranes regularly appears, one of the urologists prescribed me fluconazole. And to my surprise, 150 mg of fluconazole returns libido for a couple of days, but by the same time flatulence appears and my CD increases, if taken for more than 3 weeks (2 times a week), it becomes difficult - flatulence starts to be too strong and in additional protein appears in the urine. As soon as I stop taking fluconazole, my libido drops again. I wonder if anyone noticed such a connection? Recently, more and more often I can read some news that candida can play a significant role in the CD, but so far there are not many studies on this subject and it is difficult to draw unambiguous conclusions.