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CD Treat - a diet mimicking EEN

There is a UK based research project going on aiming to see if eating certain easy-to-digest foods can result in the same effect as EEN (exclusive enteral nutrition).
The diet is called "CD Treat" and you can read more about here (study results)

and here (about the diet)
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I started this diet two weeks ago as I come off of steoroids Im anxious to see if it will keep CD in check. Only change I did is I boil all the already lactose-free milk products (even the milk I pour on my morning cereal). The reason being MAP (paratuberculosis) which may be causing / driving the inflammation. I want to be sure I do not introduce MAP bacteria to an already strained digestive system while on the diet. Just in case..

Alao - interestingly the foods included are many of the same foods CD patients report to be 'safe foods'.
Have a look in this thread where forum users report which foods they seem to tolerate: