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CD64 Blood test

My son's GI ordered a CD 64 blood test for my son at his last appointment. Things are going really well for him right now, so I didn't think to ask what the test was for. I googled it today and none of the information I found seems to fit. Has anyone had this test? Does anyone know what it is usually ordered for?

Thank you :)


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I have seen it used in the hospital setting to detect sepsis and bacterial infections.

Since Johnny is well, and it is a pretty simple test, do you think he may just be using it a way of ruling out anything lurking under the surface and so keeping on top of things?

Dusty. xxx
Johnny is doing well and he did get about every test known to man in November and December when he had pneumonia and they found his kidney issues. He had so many odd things going on that I know his GI really wanted to give him a good once over. He pushed his appointments out to every 6 months for the first time since he was diagnosed, but we had to go back to the lab one month after his last appointment for this test. I just thought it was a little odd he had us make a special trip for this test.

VERY interesting article. Johnny's GI is one of the authors so I think you are right! Thank you for finding this :)
The results are in…..

Ref range <=1.30
Johnny 0.51

So hopefully we have another year of remission to look forward to.

Thank you for your help Dusty and Farmwife:)