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Cellulitis Help

It seems that I developed a nasty bout of cellulitis on my leg. I saw my Rhumy on Friday and she perscribed some antiboitics (Bactrim) and said I should see quick improvement, and if I didnt to call my Gastro on Monday. Well the leg is no better, maybe a little worse, and the gastro nurse tells me to see a dermatologist and gave me a referal. I got an appointment Wednesday afternoon, but I'm worried. Maybe I need to stop googling, but everything I read says to seek immediate medical attention if it does not get better with antibiotics. Anyone have experience or advice? Am I ok to wait until Wed. or should I call the gastro back and express my concern again? Even support would help, cause this is ugly and painful, and I am a little freaked out.

Thanks, as always :ysmile:



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I had cellulitis in my elbow once and needed IV antibiotics. If it is worse today you should go to the e.r. Are you running fever? I this it is better to err on the side of caution.

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I agree with Ekay...I think it's best to go to the ER; it does sound as if you need IV antibiotics. Cellulitis is nothing to mess around with. My daughter just got over having it on both feet that started as a little blister.

Are there red streaks going up from the sore ? If so then definitely try and get some IV antibiotics.
Best of luck :)
Hard to tell if it is worse, but it is definitely no better after 3.5 days on antibiotics. I have had a sporadic fever since this started last week. I don't have a fever now, but it comes and goes and is always hovering around 100degrees. Going to the ER is a hard thing here in NYC. You wait for at least 6 hours just to be triaged then another 4 hours before you see a doctor, then if your not bleeding and dying get left for several more hours. It is very stressful and I try to avoid it at all costs. I'm thinking maybe I should call back and speak with the doctor, and not just the nurse. Did you only have it once? I'm afraid that now that I have it, it will come again. Thank you!!!
I had cellulitis last year in my calf. I was immunosuppressed and neutropenic on aza at the time. The redness and swelling and fever got very much worse very quickly and I ended up needing 7 operations in 3 weeks to clean it up and remove bits of my calf.
If the redness is not settling and you have a temperature then I would attend the emergency department if I were you. I would hate for you to have to go through such a scary experience. Are you on immunosuppressants for your IBD?
Oh and when I attended the ED, I was seen within 20 mins. If you have an infection and are on immunosuppressants they take it very seriously.
I am on methotrexate at the moment, which is a mild immunosuppressant. I had a horrible reaction to Remicade several months ago and have been waiting to start cimzia. I cant because I also had an annal abcsess. I am going to call back and try to speak with the doctor and see what she says. Thank you all for the feedback. I'm not any less nervous, but my instincts seem to be right.
I forgot to add -- how horrible for you littlemissh. I'm sorry you had to go through that.

I spoke with the doctor and she said that there is no need to rush to the ER since I am on antibiotics and don't have a severly high fever. I cant say I agree with her based on the feedback here, but I am going to sit tight and hope I don't get any worse. She is always very knoweledgable and cautious, and has sent me to the ER before for other issues. I have my appointment on Wed. I hope I am not making a mistake!
Your doc I am sure would have advised you to attend if she was worried. I guess the thing to do is monitor your temperature. Once mine got to 39 (don't know Fahrenheit!) I decided I needed to do sonething. If you are stable then hopefully things will stay that way until Wednesday. If things change you can seek your docs advice again.
Thank you all who responded. An update - I went to the doctor on Wednesday and was no better. He told me I needed to give the antibiotics more time and rest my leg, so I did. By Friday I was worse, and was told to go to the ER. I have been in the hospital ever since (although it took 36 hours in the ER to get a bed in the hospital). Day 4 and I have not seen any improvement. It is totally frustrating. They wont let me leave until I'm almost totally better since oral antibiotics didn't work the first time. They have not done a biopsy or ultrasound and I'm wondering if they should be doing that. I have always had good faith in my medical providers, but i'm second guessing.Thanks again!!!


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I just found this thread - glad you got to the hospital!.....I had cellulitis once in my calf, knew there was a problem from the ooze (had a nasty burn that got infected...but that's another story as to how I got THAT!).....called the Dr and wouldn't let them put me off for a week to see the doc - got in that day and went on antibiotics....

Hope they get you sorted SOON - any idea what antibiotics they have you on now? If there is no improvement I'd be asking what the next step is - hopefully nothing has gotten worse!
How frustrating for you. I don't think a biopsy would make much difference. If you still have a swollen leg and no temp then a sçan could exclude a clot but if you have definate cellulitis I guess that wouldn't be needed. If you continue with leg swelling you could ask whether a clot needs excluding.
Get better soon.