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Changes in menstrual cycle

has anyone had this happen? My first dose of cimzia was last Friday. I'm about a week late on my period and have taken a couple of pregnancy tests and all were negative. Anyone else have late or changed menstrual cycles?
There will be times ovulation will be halted due to stress such as personal, an illness that is wreaking havoc in the body, new medications, etc. Once they stress is alleviated, then ovulation will resume and you will get your "Aunt Flo".

I learned this from my NP and Gyn. If you still have concerns, call your Ob/Gyn's office and ask to speak to him or one of his RNs.

Will do, thanks :) I see my Gi tomorrow, I may just ask him if my recent illness and the start of the cimzia caused it. I was very ill for a few weeks, so I'm sure that had something to do with it.
I remember with each surgery "AF" appeared the day of and then after surgery, I had nothing for over a month. The nurse taking care of me said that because my abdomen was opened up, it caused my period to cease. I didn't miss it mind you, but when it would come back, holy moly!!! my crohn's was bad.

Now that I'm in full menopause, I don't miss a thing, including the hormonal CD flares.

I'd ask the GI as well to get his opinion. The more opinions, the merrier. :)
I was 10 days late!! I figured it was because I had lost about 15lbs in about a week and a half. Or the cimzia. Thankfully gaining it back and things in the uterus are apparently back to normal.


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I missed years of periods due to not weighing enough. Didn't miss them exactly, but when they did reappear, omg, hormones and crohns omfg!!!!!

Just about through menopause and I can't say I miss them, but the crohns is also still diabolical. I just hope I am through the menopause and not cos i'm skinny, now that would be a nasty shock lol.

I sincerely think females with bad crohns do expect periods to be fewer and far between, or missing for quite some months/years. Depends what they weigh I think.
hi Spooky,

I've been in menopause for 2 yrs. and I no longer have the "hormonal Crohn's flare ups" where I land in the ER due to pain and partial blockages.

I don't miss Aunt Flo either. I was 43 when I got the call from my hematologist on my birthday yet, telling me that the blood work showed that I am indeed in full blown menopause. I was so excited, I told her that it was the BEST b-day gift ever!! lol


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Docs did my hormone level blood tests 3 times, and on each occasion they filled out the old forms not the new ones, so never got results. And they passed exams to care for your medical woes, but can't fill out the right form. Scarey stuff these medically qualifieds.

43 is quite young to be full blown menopause. Mine just killed me with bone pain and crohns symptoms all over the show.
My aunty Flo just visits whenever without much notice! I'm now 2 weeks late with no sign of anything happening, but when it does I can hardly walk cos of pains, everything feels worse :(, oh the joys of being a woman and having Crohns lol. Isn't it wonderful?. So far I've had 3 hormone profiles, all normal, but I do get hot flushes and night sweats and am fairly sure I'm peri menopausal,
and Aunty Flo is so unpredictable, I've had gaps of up to 11 weeks before! I say bring it on and lets get it over with :)