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Changing jobs while on Medical Leave

Has anyone else changed jobs while on medical leave or short term disability?

I have the chance to apply for a job at a different location and I think it would really help my condition to leave where I am currently working. I just don't know how my current employer would feel about that. Also I am not yet cleared to return to work, so how do I work that?? How do you deal with the new employer and getting approval on thier benefit programs? How do you bring up the fact you have a chronic condition and require Remicade?


Hi there, I have not experienced this issue as such as when I moved to my current job things were fairly settled (over 7yrs ago). I also work at a company that deals with people with disabilities so they are hardly going to then descriminate against me. No employer is allowed to use things like this as a reason not to hire someone however. The only thing I would say is unless you know that you are definetly going to be allowed to return to work soon there is no point applying for a job you don't even know you could start.... I am in the UK so don't know how the health programs work. Hopefully someone with more knowledge of this can help and can also advise on whether your current employer will require that you work a notice etc. If nothing else I hope you start to feel better and able to work soon.