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Cheaper Pentasa?

So I've been on remicade since May but I'm having some odd side effects lately and just googling the side potential problems has scared me off of it (even though i did my research before starting)

My doctor suggested I might do well with pentasa however they are trying to charge me $250 for it a month with insurance.

Anyone know of a cheaper pharmacy for it? Is it possible to order it online from somewhere?

I can't afford 250 a month for this and the remicade is covered completely because it was administered in the hospital every time.
So I looked at costco they wanted 198 for a month supply with my insurance. I called my insurance company and they set me up with a mail order like you said. Its $70 every 3 months, its a great price. Thanks for the help everyone
I just went thru this same ordeal. Recently diagnosed w/ Crohn's and prescribed Pentasa. Publix wanted $1800 for a 3 mo supply. Called BCBS of Fl and through their mail-order pharmacy Prime, I'm able to get the 3 month prescription for $125.