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Cheapest Pentasa?

Anyone waded through all the pharmacies, coupons, insurance companies to find out which is the way to go for the cheapest Pentasa?

I am using Medicare Part D Wal-mart drug plan. Many thanks in advance.
Thanks for that. I am aware of that program, but don't qualify because of income. (Of course, I may after buying Pentasa for a while.) Any other ideas?
The cheapest Pentasa for us is through Express Scripts. Our insurance "requires" us to use them, but it is a good deal. I hate Express Scripts with a passion, but it saves us a ton of money so we use them. We pay $120 for a three month supply and my daughter takes 2000mg/day.
Thanks for that. That is a better deal. However, I am just beginning and at this point I don't know if Pentasa will help me and/or if I will tolerate it (I have problems with many drugs) so I am not yet getting maintenance amounts, just my first month or two's worth.
Pentasa takes time or it did for me no side affects luckily and just to annoy our friends across the pond it's free in Scotland.good luck
I was on Humana at the time. I teach, so it is through the state. But they switched our insurance this year to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. I was pleased with the savings! ;)
Have you considered getting it from Canada?
Got Entocort from them it was about $100.00 a month I think. My doc called it in and they mailed it to me. They had very good customer service too. Seemed weird to get the drug from India though. GI said they have been doing it for years because no one can afford this stuff in the states. It was called *** out of Vancouver .
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I,m always surprised at the wide variation in cost a few months ago I asked my chemist how much a box of pentasa cost it was roughly £30 someone is making tons of money of it.in Scotland we don,t pay for prescriptions comes of national insurance and general taxation so we do pay for it but not in the moment of extreme need it's spread through our working lives.
Yes the pentasa is around 1000.00 a month here in the U.S. I have BCBS and only pay 30.00 a month. Only thing is that im about to change meds. Pentasa is for more mild case. Im on the more severe but the insurance company wont cover anything "harder" until you waste your money on pills that dont work.
Yes, agree. You might consider your next med from Canada. A family member used to work in the brokerage of getting meds from abroad to Canada. It is a big business actually. I am told Canada's standards for medications are just as good if not better than our FDA. I received Budesonide from Canada, can't say they were of less quality than the local drug store, I just didn't tolerate the med. You of course would need you GI doc to participate. You might find he/she has many patients getting drugs up there. Best of luck to you!
FYI, I checked into the Canadian pharmacy options and, although I haven't done all of my homework, I found out quickly that Pentasa is at least 1/3 the price from there, so that will be the route I go. It is still expensive, but for my maintenance dose, assuming it works, it is doable.
Thanks everyone! You are great!
You might also ask your doctor's office if they have any samples while you evaluate your options. When I was first put on Pentasa in October, my office sent me home with over two months of pills (at 4 grams a day). I had already hit my deductible for the year, so my cost at the time was zero anyway (I won't be as "lucky" this year, even if I hit my deductible), but my doctor's office told me to save them for this year so I don't have to pay so soon.

Maybe they have some samples they can give you, as even a short time would save some money, especially while you're observing the effectiveness.

The downfall, of course, was having to open each blister pack -- 1 pill per pack -- 8 pills a day -- 2 months worth. :rof:
In Israel, it costs about $135 per month to be on 4g/day without insurance. With my insurance, I pay 15% of the total drug costs.


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Everyone please remember that it's not legal to get prescriptions from other countries so please don't share any company names or links to online pharmacies. Thank you!

From the FDA: "Many drugs obtained from foreign sources that claim or appear to be the same as U.S.-approved drugs are, in fact, of unknown quality and may even be counterfeit. There is also a possibility that drugs coming to U.S.consumers through Canada, or that claim to be from Canada, may not actually be Canadian drugs. FDA cannot assure the authenticity, safety, or effectiveness of drugs from foreign countries."