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Cheapest place to get Imuran

Lost my health insurance thanks to the new health care stuff that went into effect and also going thru a divorce ......don't have the money I used to! Long story short refilled my imuran/azathropine pills for the month and it was like $45 for a months worth(90pills)

Wondering where y'all get your rx and how much you pay??
Thanks :)
My hubby had lost his insurance and we get his through Costco for $28/month. They have a discount card for uninsured. When he got insurance again we never gave the insurance info to Costco because with Rx benefit he now has it would actually cost more. Go figure..
I'm a farmer without employer-sponsored health insurance and so I pay the cash price for my meds (although I just recently acquired insurance via Obamacare). The cost of azathioprine / imuran for me is $29 for 90 pills at Walmart. Another low-cost source (as mentioned above) is Costco, and you don't need a membership to their warehouse club to use their pharmacy.

To get the lowest price at a pharmacy (if you are uninsured) you have to ask for their "lowest discounted cash price" and you may have to talk to a manager in person at the pharmacy to get that price. If you call a pharmacy on the phone for a price quote, they will most likely give you their undiscounted "list" price. Prescriptions (in the USA) are not priced like normal goods and services. Instead they are priced like other medical services (such as doctor and hospital charges) which are priced at an inflated list price to allow room for the large discount off the list price that insurance companies have negotiated with medical service providers. These discounts are typically in the range of 60-70% off the list price which means that the list price is typically inflated to about 3 times the real/fair/honest price.
Hi Sorry for everyone dealing with this disease and all the difficulties that go along with it.
I need your HELP!
I'm in New York and a private individual pay health insurance person until the end of the year. I am being dropped by my insurance and being forced into the marketplace insurance or possible one private health insurance company left.
My GI is not on any of the new plans(he thought he would be but NOT!) plus the insurance is such a mess that no one knows who is really on it and not. They have doctors listed etc. but they're not accepting it.No one will know until Jan 1st hopefully but I have to sign up by Dec. 15th2016. I'm suppose to go for surgery this week and scared to death to start with new doctors since I take Entyvio every 4 weeks and other meds that aren't covered by the insurances offered. It seems like I have to have insurance or be penalized but I can't find new docs and just can't keep starting over. There is possibly one doctor that is a possibility but awful reputation. Mt Sinai Hospital in NYC has doctors listed that they have wrong addresses so they won't cover them plus most of the doctors on list out of pocket to see them in the office.It's a mess and I don't know what to do. Looks easy on paper but when you call(and wait and listen to music if you're lucky) no one knows. Anyone know any good GI's and hospitals in NYC and in similar situation?I don't know if I should go through with surgery now in case I have complications like my last one and to try to find new docs and surgeons is a nightmare now. Can't believe what happened to our healthcare in this country!!! How do you find a competent doc and meds? Whats the sense of having insurance?? You have to be rich to live in this country now to get good care. I'm scared to death. Please someone know what to do????
Bless you all!