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Chest Pain after MRI Enterography

Hello, guys.

I had my fist MRI Enterography yesterday, and now I'm starting to feel some moderate pain around all my ribs, specially around the upper chest, and the neck. Those parts are specially sensible to touch.

They put some straps with metallic plates around my chest and belly and fix it within the bed. I suspected that would be the cause of my pain.

Have that ever happened to any of you? Or could it be something else?

Thank you, very much.

PS: I took prednisone, hidroxin and ranitidine for 2 days before the MRI, because I had previous allergy to gadolinium. But not today. In fact, I'm under no medication for now.
Just to update a future reader who may need this information, a week later the pain is gone. In fact, about five days later it was ok.

I went to doctor last week, and curiously, he had done the same procedure in the past and agreed it was probably the procedure. Nevertheless, he checked my lungs, just in case. I would recommend the same for anyone with same persistent pain.

Btw, it didn't hurt at the time of the procedure. Only in the following day.