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Chicken Pox & my Stoma :(

Hey guys! Just wanting some stoma advice. almost a week ago i got chicken pox , they are all scabbed now except for around my stoma. they are so weepy and yuck under the flange and still look pussey. I dont have the greatest stoma in the world either but it looks 50 times worse at the mo. I was just wondering if anyone has any advice as to what i can put on it to help them dry out or heal better. I will attach a photo so you can see what i am talking about.

I use hollister drainable non tape one piece bags, and convatec paste.

Thanks heaps!


Oh, dear, Lotte! You poor thing; that does look painful.

The only thing that I can suggest is calamine lotion - an old treatment, but one that seems effective for many sufferers of chicken pox. It doesn't cure it, of course, but should help to dry it up and take some if the itch out. I don't know how well your stoma bags will stick to it - someone else who comes on might have more idea.

In ordinary situations it is advisable to wash the area every day with warm water, then let it dry completely. Whether that would work around your stoma, I don't know. :hug:
Poor you. :( I was also going to suggest to wash it.. like let the shower just pour over it for some time.. then dry it out really good and do it again the next day till its better. But I dont know what product to use to help it. If the pox are gone from the rest of your skin I would hope that erea heals up soon too. Good luck with it.
I second Susan2's advice--try calamine lotion on all of your weeping spots, let it completely dry, and then put on the baseplate.


I have no advice...just wanted to send along my thoughts for some relief for you soon! I had chicken pox when I was older too and it sucked and I didn't have a stoma then...I can't imagine the itchiness and pain you must be in around it! Hope it clears up for you soon!


Oh hun! :eek2: That is looking very painful indeed! How is the rest of your body? Or is it just now around your stoma?

I think the calamine is a very good idea Susan! But I also think that a stoma nurse should have a look at it as well. If that isn't possible, a regular nurse so they can swab and make sure you get no infection there. Cant be too careful!

I sure hope you get better soon! (horrible stuff chicken pox in adults)
Oh dear,
That looks very uncomfortable. You must be feeling miserable. All the above advice sounds great. I was also remembering someone on here saying they used sudocream under their bases for sore skin. I will see if I can find the thread for you.
"Re the sudocrem I rubbed a small amount on, covered Kermit with dry wipes, rubbed it in then wiped it off till it wasn't greasy. So the healing property was absorbed but the greasiness was gone."

The above bit of info came from fruit loop in a thread about sore blistered skin.

Hope it helps.