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Chloe now in hospital dehydraeted

chloe now in hospital dehydraeted

:depressed: she now been rushed in dehydrated and put on drip nothing to do i dont think with bowels but i need to tell you all as you have been great! its what more can go wrong?


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Hi chloesmum,

Thanks for keeping us updated. Why don't you think it has to do with her bowels?

It's hard but at least Chloe is the right place and being treated. We are all thinking about you and your little girl and hope and pray that all goes well........................


Good luck, :hug:
hi Chloe's mum - i haven't had chance to catch up on Chloe's story, but i just wanted to say... don't worry too much about this episode. dehydration is really common when someone is suffering with IBD.. diarrhea, vomiting, and not feeling like drinking enough are all factors which will in time deplete our bodies of fluid.. many of us get slightly dehydrated without even realising it, some of us get it to the extent we do notice symptoms like dizzyness or headaches, and some of us do sometimes need intravenous fluids to get the fluids up quickly.

personally, i've spent many nights in hospital over the years purely because i needed fluids - they let me back home after 24-48 hours.

i hope she bounces back quickly, and comes home soon!


Ive got into the habit of having a glass of water around me at most times, ie at work, when sitting down, at night. Its much easier to be reminded that you are thirsty when its so close to you ;)