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Cholestyramine and white clumps


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First I apologize that this is graphic.

My daughter has been chasing a flare for 4 years now. Much of the time the three GI's she has seen (we moved) have all suspected she has IBS and this is not a Crohn's flare. Last summer, her GI scoped her and found severe Crohn's activity. She eventually ended up in the hospital for over a month.

She is treated with Entyvio 600mg Q4 and her cal pro went down for a bit but is on the rise again. Her GI recently started a taper of her budesonide and disease activity increased.

Her GI suspected SIBO. We tried Xifaxan and SCD diet for that. No change.

Now he said he wonders if some of her diarrhea is bile acid diarrhea and asked her to try cholestyramine.

She is on day three and no difference. Still Bristol 6 or 7 and blood and mucus. Frequency hasn't changed and still night waking. However, now she is seeing these white clumps mixed in with her stool. They are pretty big so it isn't like little bits of the medication powder. They are not like mucus. At first I thought it was undigested food but they appear every time and are getting more in volume.

I am thinking that since cholestyramine binds the bile acid to remove it from the body could these be clumps of the acid? Has anyone had something like this?
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