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Chrohns ?

chrohns ?

Hi my name is michael i am having a colonoscopy on august the 15th,

My red blood cells are low i have anemia, borderline diabetic and loose stools.
my father as chrohns and a stoma bag.
hoping for good news.
cheers mick.

Crohn's Mom

Hi Michael !

I want to wish you best of luck with your testing.
Have you ever had a colonoscopy ? Don't worry too much...they're not that bad really :)

I hope you don't have CD, but on a positive note it must be nice to know that you have your father who will understand what you are going through, and hopefully guide you and give you advice.

Welcome to the forum ! Hope to see you around :)


Super Moderator
Hi Michael, sorry to hear you've been ill, and I hope the colonoscopy can get you some answers. Unfortunately, things like Crohn's do tend to run in families, and with your symptoms it wouldn't be surprising if that's what you end up getting diagnosed with. But like Tracy said, you've already got a built-in support in your father, and everyone on this forum is incredibly wonderful and supportive as well. I hope you get some answers and relief quickly. Please stick around and keep us posted on how you're doing and how the colonoscopy goes, and of course feel free to ask any questions that you may have!