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chronic diarrhea for years

My GP sent me to Rheumatologist who ran a number of tests on me looking for the cause of my problems. Had a positive ANA , Liver biopsy and have had Diarrhea and stomach issues for 20 yrs endo and colon past didnt show anything but Eosinophillic esophagitis. Rhuematologist did ASCA IGG test came back high positive and sent me back to Gastro for colonoscopy and endoscopy. I just read the results. havent heard back from dr but its showing npthing in colon but deuodenitis in area that she biopsied that wasnt red and irritated, she didnt go past the middle deuodenum or take other biopsy due to desaturations and patient intollerance during procedure. is it possible to have crohns and it not be in colon ?

I have had diarreah since i was 18. its getting worse, i just dont eat anything if i travel (sometimes days) i have had so many accidents that its so embarrassing. ( my poor husband has had to help me so many times) I am nauseated and sick during an episode and its not uncommon to have 3 to 10 trips to bathroom if i eat anything. I am constantly drinking liquids because of dehydration. I had covid last year and was put on steriods and honestly that was first time i can remember not having diarrhea... diarrhea came back after week or so off steriods...

Looking for answers ... did anyone else have a long process to find answer or dx for crohns?
I’m sorry you’ve been dealing with this for so long.

“is it possible to have crohns and it not be in colon ?” Yes, some people only have Crohns issues in the small intestine; I believe ileitis is most common.

Unfortunately, many people do go undiagnosed for years. The fact that you didn’t have diarrhea when on steroids sounds like whatever is causing it is steroid responsive; that is genenerally the case with Crohn's.

Did the GI see or biopsy the ileum? An MRE, pill capsule and calprotectin stool test are other tests that can be done to look for Crohn's.

I really hope the GI doctor will be able to identify the cause of your diarrhea and giving you some relief.