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Chronic Fissure and now more than one

Hello! My 12 year old has had a chronic fissure for 2 years. After the first pediatric we did miralax and high fiber foods and the blood in stool stopped. It came back and we saw the GI who didn't see a fissure but recommended colace. We ended up do a endoscopy and colonoscopy and all came back clear with no fissure or blood seen. She has blood in 75% of her stools. After the clean scopes the doc was at a loss and sort of seemed to be throwing ideas against a wall.We saw another GI who said she saw a fissure. We did high doses of miralax and rectiv. No changes but stomach cramping and uncomfortable loose stools. Being a teen, she hates the miralax so begged for pills. She has been taking Linzess for 6 months and it just doesn't seem like its doing anything and we switched to nifedipine. We went back and now it seems like she saw 2 fissures. My daughter is depressed over her lot in life and "why no one else has to deal with this." We do have a family history of crohns but scans were clear. We discussed botox but it seems like missed success on that. We dont want to do another scan as the prep was traumatizing for all of us. Anyone have any ideas? We are going on 2+ years of my pre-teen having blood in her stool.

my little penguin

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Did they do an MRE (mri with entography )?
A capsule endoscopy (pill cam )?
rectal suppository with or without steriods can help done at night

Miralax one pack a day (17 grams ) can keep things soft to not cause pressure but not loose to cause accidents

My kiddo was dx Crohns at age 7 and now 19
Takes miralax every single day
Finding the sweet soft but not too soft is the key

Also check with motility Gi
Columbus has a good children’s one
Gastroparesis can slow things down and cause issues