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Chronic Stomach Ache

I’ve had Crohn’s probably for 40 years. My mother has it too. Last year I abruptly went from mild to severe and my doctor put me on Humira. It took 3-4 months but it worked. Even the chronic stomach ache disappeared, which was a good thing because I was losing weight and unable to digest proteins. I had a hip replacement in March (4 months ago now) and I had only a mild increase in my symptoms which vanished after a few weeks. Until now. Now the chronic stomach ache is back. I’m doing both physical therapy 4x a week (2 body parts) plus Korean martial arts 3x a week. No surprise I’m burning about 2500 calories a day (I’m a female, 65, 140 pounds and 5’6”). I was tired all the time once the stomach ache came back - big surprise: I charted my calories and was eating 900 a day. I am not only on the Crohn’s diet but also have severe food allergies so my diet is limited. I tried increasing my eating and drove myself into a flare up. Does anyone else get these chronic stomach aches (oh I have GERD too; the stomach ache is definitely the GERD; it’s at the top of the stomach). My insurance will no longer pay for drugs that are OTC so I’m having trouble being able to afford the Omeprasol. I’m taking 40mg 3x a day but may need to reduce. The insurance company has refused every other alternative the doctor has suggested. Last year he had commented that there isn’t an antacid in the world that can combat this because the origin is the Crohn’s. But I don’t know anyone else who has this symptom. Is it reasonable to guess that it’s related to hip surgery even though the symptoms didn’t show up for 4 months? Thanks for any help.

my little penguin

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So if you have severe food allergies
Elemental formula (amino acid based ) do not have any intact proteins
They are used in kids woth EOE and severe life threatening food allergies to many foods as well as short gut syndrome
Vionex is one pre mixed version for adults
Kids use Neocate jr or elecare jr

That can help heal the gut and increase calorie content
900 calories is very low

Your GI can prescribe the formula

Ds drinks Neocate jr chocolate by mouth
And eats food