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Chronic Yeast Infections?

I posted this on the Imuran thread but thought I have more visibility here. I have had chronic yeast infections for the past few months. Obgyn thinks it is related to the Imuran. Does anyone else have this issue while on immune suppressants? Were you able to overcome it? Any advice? Thanks in advance.
No advice but I started remicade in April and I've had problems with yeast infections as well. Weird. Hope things clear up for you soon.
Hi, when I was first diagnosed and put on the Budesonide I had very bad yeast infections. I went to see my GP who gave me a specific type of antibiotic (which i apologise I cant remeber the name of). It was a 7 day course, which I had two of, but after that fortnight and using creams I have been fine since. I would go see your family doc and ask about the antibiotic, it worked wonders for me.
F x