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Chunks of Pentasa in my stools, normal?

Exactly as the title reads, I am finding chunks of the Pentasa in my stool when I wipe. It also hasn't aleviated any of my symptoms. I don't see my GI again until Aug 26! :(
I just had a colonoscopy without sedation as I prefer to participate in the procedure. It's not unbearably uncomfortable and it's actually VERY cool! Though my colon was very clean due to the bowel prep (worst part of the whole procedure!) there were lots of little white specks lining the colon. I asked the endoscopist & he said it was granules of Pentasa, even though I hadn't taken it for a day and had an otherwise sparkling clean bowel (I was sooo proud!). I'm not sure what it means, but it's interesting and relevant to this thread!
I had that happen and my GI told me that because of my diarrhea I was passing things through too fast. I had an oil slick kind of toilet which can mean pancreas or liver issues. I started drinking liver help tea and it actually did which surprised me.