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Cimzia and Crohn's Disease

Has anyone experienced severe arm pain while on Cimzia? I was on Entocort for about 7 years for my Crohn's. My Dr. changed it to Cimzia and slowly titrated me off Entocort after he started me on Cimzia. After I was off the Entocort I started having left arm pain that is getting worse. I have never experienced this pain before, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2003 at age 63. Has anyone else had this problem? I think it is a side effect to the Cimzia?
Im on Cimzia at the moment and i have been for about a year...so far i have had no problems but it dosent seem to be doing much for my crohns...i have had allergic reactions to most of the other meds...but this one im ok with
My wife has been on Cimzia for a couple years now with no issues. I did a lot of research about it before she went on, but never came across anything like arm pain. In addition, Cimzia takes about 3 months to really start to show its effect.

Do you get your shots in the arm that's bothering you? My wife started to get shots in the arm and it ached a bit, but switched to her tummy and hasn't had issues yet.

Also, 7 years on a steroid??? My wife is on Entocort now, but her doc doesn't like to put her on for more than 6 months at a time because of muscular issues.
Cimzia and arm and leg pain

Thanks for all the comments. This is what I have done since I wrote my comment. I have had an MRI of my left arm that is normal. My GI and I have decided to skip the Cimzia shots for Feb. and he will take me down from 2 Entocort to 1 Entocort on Feb, 14th, and he has put me back on Pentasa 4000 mg. a day all for now to see if I am possibly reacting to the Cimzia in having the muscular pain. He said it would take about 4-6 weeks to get out of my system and maybe we will find out by doing this, I am due back in his office March 19th to talk about my how I am feeling at that time. He said if it is not the Cimzia I should not have a problem starting back on it as it has helped my Crohn's Disease, however I can't continue with the muscular pain if that would be what is causing it.
I was placed back on the Entocort during the Holidays because that stopped my pain during the Holidays and was still on Cimzia, too. It will be interesting to find out what is going to happen in the next 2 months on this trial and error method . I always had my Cimzia injections in my thighs or abdomen. I also ask my Dr. if I could be Entocort dependent as when he places me back on it temporarily my s/s go away but he said no, that wouldn't be the problem.
Thanks for all the support, this is very helpful!!
Thank you to all that replied to my problem with while taking Cimzia I was having severe elbow pain! Sorry I haven't been on here for a while but I have been off Cimzia for almost a year and am on Pentasa 4000 mg a day now. I haven't had any further elbow pain and my C.D.seems to be in control but I am also taking meds for a broken L2 vertebra that may have also helped any s/s of diarrhea. I will be going back to my GI DR. in April so I am very surprised that it has been a year since I have seen him. My other conclusion is maybe the Cimzia put me in remission after taking for 16 months even though I have been off for about a year. It is kind like what works at the time now. All of us with C.D. certainly want to feel better. I looked back at my story I placed on here about a year ago and I was 55 when diagnosed not 63 as I placed on here, I will be 65 this month!! I certainly feel for all the young people that are having to deal with C.D. It is hard enough on the older ones but for a child it has to have to very difficult!!

Crohn's Mom

Hi Patti and welcome back :)

I'm glad your elbow pain is better and that the Pentasa is working for you now.
Best of luck with your GI appointment in April :hug: