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Cimzia and Pregnancy

Hi! First time visiting here and posting. I hope somebody can give me their opinion.
I was Dx with Crohns in 2005 and was started on Remicade after 1 year of the 5 ASA drugs that didn't work. I kept flaring and would have to go on Prednisone-which I hated.
Anyway, I have been in remission pretty much since then. I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and have been continuing my Remicade.
My GI wants to switch me to Cimzia in the next couple weeks-before the 3rd trimester. I haven't spoken directly to her, but her nurse said that Cimzia will not cross the placenta or into breast milk where Remicade will. According to what I have found today online that isn't true. They both seem to be equal from what I have found. I have only spend today researching, so maybe I am finding misinformation.
Anyway, any of your thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!


Cimzia is not mentioned as crossing the placenta. I would confirm with the makers of Cimzia.

"BIOLOGICS. Infiximab (Remicade®), adalimumab (Humira®) and certolizumab (Cimzia®) are biologic compounds approved for the treatment of both Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis (infliximab only), are all considered low risk. It also does not appear in breast milk. However, both adalimumab and infliximab cross the placenta in high levels late in pregnancy so your doctor may want to give the last dose in the middle of your third trimester."



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I was healthy enough that I could go off of Remicade when I got pregnant and was able to stay med-free for quite a while after delivery. My GI was fine with me staying on Remicade through the pregnancy and they have had enough healthy babies delivered to moms on the drug, that I would have been okay with it too if I would have HAD to stay on.

I guess I am wondering how many people have been studied using Cimzia since it is a newer drug? I agree that getting in touch with the manufacturer is a good idea and maybe try searching some academic journals for studies. Go to your local college/university library if possible and they can help!