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Cimzia and the flu or a cold

I took my first loading dose of Cimzia two weeks ago with no problems or ill effects (no good effects either, for that matter). Yesterday I took my second loading dose, and just prior to taking it (a few hours before) I started developing what I thought was a head cold with sore throat, runny eyes and nose and a bad headache. I have also had chills and a low grade fever off and on. This morning I also have body aches and diarrhea, so I think I may have the flu rather than a cold.

I don't think this is related to the Cimzia and is merely coincidental, but am wondering if anyone has had similar experiences, and also what you do to relieve cold/flu symptoms when you are on Cimzia. I hesitate to take any OTC drugs.

As for other Crohns drugs, I take: 150 mg Imuran, .5 Prednisone (I'm at the end of a taper). Cimzia is my first biologic drug.

Thanks, all!


It's still very early in your treatment so don't be discouraged that you haven't seen results yet. As for the flu like symptoms it can be a coincidence or a reaction to the medication. Just be sure to keep your doctor abreast of how you are doing. They need to monitor you closely, especially in the beginning.
Update: it did, indeed, turn out to be the flu. I know because my partner caught it from me three days later, just after I started feeling better. And the Cimzia just kicked in as well.
Yeah, I have the blood tests every three months already because I've been on Azathioprine for the last year and a half. I haven't felt any real difference on Aza, but my numbers look better. I feel a definite difference now already on Cimzia.