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Cimzia co-pay?


I'm waiting for my Cimzia savings cards. I'm not sure how much ill pay with that. How much do you all pay for Cimzia with and without the card?
Did you ever get a Cimzia card, I have tried online and also called. They said they have none of my information. My co-pay is $60 for this medication which I will obviously pay but even my pharmacist said they it should be easier to obtain the card.



I did ultimately get the card one from online and one by calling. I don't recall what I paid but I think $60. I'm no longer on this drug.
After much hassling, I actually got my insurance to cover Cimzia completely. Of course, it didn't end up helping me...always the free ones that don't help.
I'm getting ready to start Cimzia. Where can I get info about the savings card? Just had 2nd resection surgery so Dr. Is anxious to get me on this ASAP. Hoping for better results this time. Tried almost all Crohn's meds except Remicadee. Tried of being tired...iron infusions have been doubled along with all vitamin shots and protein shakes. Not having any appetite really makes drinking 6 shakes a day quite the task. Got to do whatever it takes to keep weight above 110lbs....boy that was a mouthful...lol. I know there are worse cases than mine so every day I thank the good Lord for many things including still being able to play with grand kids and the determination to get up and go to work. Thx to you all here for the support.
My co-pay, with insurance was $3,785. Luckily I got the Cimzia co pay card and it reduced it to $0. Hopefully this card lasts forever cause who can afford $3800 a month?