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Cimzia thinking this could be right for me :)

Hello everyone,

Just thought I would post a bit of an update to let you know how I am getting on as I was having a really bad time with crohn's and arthritis.
Well I started cimzia last Thursday did the two injections which was easy, even though I couldn't sleep the night before, and since then I have been feeling a lot better. I don't know if its working this quick or a sense of relief that I finally have started a treatment. My walking has improved dramatically its still not perfect but you would think I was a different person. Also I have got my appetite back and haven't vomited for a week now. It seems so quick to have noticed a difference but I am for once in a long time feeling very happy and hopeful of getting into remission it's nice to have an almost normal life back. I am still on steroids but I am going to ask if I can taper after my next lot of loading doses so I can see if it really is the cimzia and then once I have been on this for a few months see about coming off my methotrexate or at least reducing the dose.

Thanks for reading x


I am sooo happy you are finally on the drug! You had to go through so much unnecessary anguish and turmoil to get this drug that you desperately need and that was unethical and unfair.

I am also really happy to hear you are feeling so much better already and becoming human again :)

Cimzia can act very quickly, in a matter of days for some people:

"CIMZIA significantly improved patients' symptoms as early as day 8 as reported in a post-hoc responder analysis of PRECiSE 2, the original double-blind placebo controlled study." http://prnewswire.com/news-releases...erate-to-severe-crohns-patients-65984462.html

I hope you continue to improve to the point where you can remove methotrexate if your doctors feel that's wise to do so.
I just read that I put last Thursday but it wasn't it was the Thursday before so it has been 9 days after the first loading dose. The only reason I want to try and come of methotrexate is for TTC but I would be happy to add it in again later if it keeps me healthy and keeps the cimzia working :)
Thank you Ngng it has been a really rough time but I am glad to see a light at the end of the tunnel. How have you been doing? I keep up to date and read your posts and it still seems you are having a really horrible time.


I may be switching off of Cimzia as it may not be doing enough for my perianal disease so may go on something else and methotrexate in addition. It has been very tough mentally and physically, thanks for asking.