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Cimzia with acute Crohn's and Active Erythema Nodosum

I just took the second loading dose for Cimzia after failing Humira after a solid year of success and another year of denial and increasing infection.

The last 10 months I've had erythema nodosum and have had to be on crutches for periods of time due to inability to support my weight due to the pain/ stiffness.

Has anyone else started on Cimzia with active Erythema Nodosum?

The reason why I ask now, rather then waiting a bit longer, is partially out of curiosity and because following the first loading dose I experienced a reprieve in the erythema nodosum where I could no longer feel lumps and there was just residual bruising. Now, with this second dose the erythema nodosum spiked and I'm once more on bed rest slowly working back up to being on my feet. Frankly, I'm sick of this reoccurring cycle. Pred. has helped knock down severity but it's never disappeared completely despite both short bursts, and longer higher doses. Eventually... it always creeps back.

After a bit of research, I saw erythema nodosum can actually be a side effect of cimzia... which isn't really my goal.

If you did have erythema nodosum while starting cimzia did you notice improvement over time or was it pretty spotty?

Has anyone experience E.N. after starting cimzia? If so, how did your Dr. address/ discuss it?

My Dr. has pretty much written off the E.N. as something that'll go away once the crohn's is managed and I don't feel like it is being taken into consideration at this time, despite doing such a wonderful job the prior 8 years of care - I feel she is at the end of her rope when it comes to ideas for me. Which may be for the best since I'm moving several states away in the upcoming weeks anyways.

I appreciate any response you can give, even if it's just some supportive words :) Thanks!


Welcome to the forum. That sounds awful and I didn't realize it can be that debilitating. We have a wiki entry on http://www.crohnsforum.com/wiki/Erythema-Nodosum and at the bottom are some threads discussing it.

I have luckily never faced this skin condition but we have a Cimzia forum and a skin issues forum so I hope you will find some answers. Good luck.