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Hi! I am new to the forum and was just diagnosed with Crohns. I am in my second loading dose of Cimzia as well as titating off prednisone. I am also using acupuncture.
I am feeling a lot better and am wondering if anyone else has experience with Cimzia and if it is working for you?
I sincerely appreciate any information anyone might have with this medication.

Thanks so much!


I'm so happy to hear you are responding to the medication and so quickly. I find Cimzia to be helping quell inflammation but its not controlling my abscess nor my diarrhea. It's a good medication though and I'm hoping ill find other ways to control the other aspects of the disease.
Thank you so much for your response. Have you tried accupuncture? I have found that accupuncture and herbs have helped me quite a bit. Good luck to you!
@nogutsnoglory- I will keep you posted. My last loading dose is in two weeks and then I start monthly injections. I hope that you are feeling alittle better with the Cimzia then without it?
I am on Cimzia. I haven't noticed any improvement yet, but I only just finished my loading doses. I hope it helps you!
I think I have had Cimzia for about 3/4 of a year, so not that long.
but I had to stop because my psoriasis became severe and didn't stop spreading. And also I had a high fever from a flue but after the flue was gone the high fever stayed and it only became normal again after I stopt. And Crohn wise it didn't do anything, yes my blood got better (but that is with every medicine I get) but the inflamation stayed.

Good luck!
Hi I finished my third loading dose yesterday. I have noticed a swollen gland maybe lymph node on the right side. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks so much any feedback is greatly appreciated!