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Cipro alone?

cipro alone?

My doc at ER gave me Cipro for what will be 6 days (missed a couple doses), but for a bad bladder infection. He gave me nothing for the Flare itself; I usually get the Cipro/Metrodonozole combo or Prednisone).

Have any of you ever found relief on Cipro alone? After 2 days I am having no luck...
I have done ok on cipro alone for non crohns related infections. Flagyl is used in crohns stuff since it goes straight to the bowel/ilium area to attack.

I've found Cipro alone is a slow burn taking at least 5/7 days to get any benefit. Adding Flagyl to the mix usually gives some improvement within a day or two. I keep a supply of both at home for use in an emergency.

i was given cipro and today is my 5th day of taking it, 1 x 500mg twice a day as consultant said my flare could be down to pouchitis (im a joucher) and to be honest i dont feel 'that' much better and ive only been given 2 weeks worth so i'll give it a couple more days before i ring him.

cipro on its own the first time worked wonders for me,so you never know, finish the dose and see how it goes.


I don't have any experience with Cipro, but I have used Levaquin, which is in the same class. So I just wanted to make sure you know - All Cipro users should be aware of the blackbox warning about tendonitis and tendon ruptures. Discontinue use at the first sign of tendon pain and call your doc!

I had some tendon issues with the Levaquin and two years later - still have achilles pain to this day!!

Good luck - hope it helps - Amy