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Cipro and Yoga - good idea??

I was just prescribed Cipro and Flagyl and I am currently tapering off Prednisone and am down to 5 mg. I regularly do yoga but have been reading that Cipro can cause issues with tendons. What I have seen is that tendons may rupture, specifically the Achilles, and more so when you are also on steroids. I worry about the stretching in yoga and was wondering if anyone has any advice about or experience with this. I tried to search and apologize if this has already been answered. Thanks for any information anyone can provide.


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Hey Jersey,

I had cipro and flagyl, no pred though. I never had any trouble with my tendons while doing exercise unless I did something stupid. Like trying to ski backwards on one ski. LOL My best advice is that if it hurts, avoid it for now.

I'm not an expert, just a friend that cares about you, :)

Thanks cmack. I don't want to stop doing yoga if I don't have to. It definitely helps keep me in a good mental place. Fingers crossed I won't have any problems.
Great advice, always useful! Do you know anything about Mula Bandha? My friend told me yesterday that it's a kind of yoga practice, and I am trying to find all the information possible about it. I am sure that providing yoga in real life would help you to maintain your mental strength and everything connected with it. Of course, you are able to replace yoga with another practice, but I am not sure it will substitute it to the core. I am always open to everything new. I want to share one lovely yogapractice.com resource with you. Maybe, it will help you to make your choice in life, I hope so...
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While on Cipro I started pulling tendons less than a year on the treatment including my rotory cuff. I had other serious side effects which became life threatening, and had to go off due to Fluoroquinolone toxicity.