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(Cipro, Pentasa, Entocort) Do any of these work?



My doctor just started me on Cipro, Pentasa and Entocort. I'm curious how long it takes to see a difference.

I've been on it a week and haven't really noticed a big difference. I've noticed more side effects than anything. I think it's the Pentasa. I take 8 a day. I get anxiety, chest pains, numbing in extremities, hot flashes. Has anyone experienced this?
Antibiotics like cipro help heal abscesses (holes dug in your intestines by ulcers that get infected and pus filled) and fistulas.

Entocort is a localized steroid. It will reduce the inflammation in your ileum (the junction of your small and large intestines) and your ascending colon (your large intestine goes up your right side, across the top, and down the left side. The right side is the ascending colon). This is often the worst affected spot for crohnies. It will not help you for the diseased parts of your digestive tract other than that area.

Pentasa is an anti-inflammatory (but not a pain killer) that affects your digestive tract. Pentasa will take quite long time to become effective. Somewhere from 6 weeks to 3 months.

My Butt Hurts

I'm on 8 pentasa a day too, but I think it's a pretty mild drug to cause any of that.
Numbing in the extremities can just be a Crohn's thing, medicatied or not. My toes comes and goes, sometimes feeling like glass shard pricks.
I only get chest tightness and palpitations when on prednisone, similar to entocort. It makes me hyper too, could feel like anxiety.
Good luck, feel better.
I was getting hot flashes when I was on Asacol (another 5-ASA like Pentasa) It didn't seem to be working for me. Rowasa was then added to the mix and didn't help. They had me stop those. Now I am on another anti-inflammatory (Azulfidine) and Entocort. I felt better right away and my hot flashes went away. I too get the numbing on and off. Some days worse than others. Might be a Crohn's thing, not sure. My heart races whenever my inflammation is really high. Too much stress on my body I guess.
Those aren't the side effects of Pentasa. The usual side effects are Diarrhea(I know, but it really is a side effect), nausea, headaches, tummy aches(again, this is a real side effect). You also experiece a fever as well. I'm not too sure what the side effects of entocort, or the other medicine you are taking. I am on Pentasa and Entocort, and I only experience Nausea, headaches, tummy aches, from time to time, sometimes diarrhea from the medication.

I'm on the same amount of pentasa you are on, and I am also taking Entocort. You should start feeling a difference between 1-2 weeks.