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Cistanche and NK cell activator (modified rice bran)

Hey all, I have mild crohns. I have been about 95% back to my normal self on supplementation and diet for the past ten years. I routinely try different supplements based on research/trials.,

For the past month I have been trying a NK cell activator and Cistanche, oddly, not for crohns but for high blood pressure based on the theory that high blood pressure is caused by a virus. It really hasn't done a thing for my high blood pressure, but I think its too early to tell for that, but it has affected my crohns.

Previously, I would wake up and have the urgency to go with in 10mins of waking, sometimes 2 or 3 times, then I would be good for the rest of the day. Before crohns, I could eat a battery and go at 9 am every day and have the ability to hold a movement for hours. Since starting the NK and cistanche I have started to see changes in both the morning urgency going away and the ability to hold it when I do.

Just curious if there are any other mild crohns supplement people that want to give it a try for a month and see if it does anything for them and report back. Crohns is so sporadic that I could just be going through a really good spot, or it could be that all of the other stuff I am doing is finally having a long term affect.
not sure what NK activator is.....but really, you could call yogurt that or many probiotics, which would also effect microbiota of course and all this you speak so it just makes me think that offhand....

i was taking LC plasma for a bit which is an NK activator + 3 other methods with a regulator function, but i think it was just too aggressive for chrons....so anyway i think you can go too far in that sort of direction.....

but GI wise.....it seems like tributryin might be a strong logic choice....i wonder if people agree....i mean for something that isnt directly a probiotic.

antiviral wise, perhaps monolaurin? which is also likely to improve gut balance...

i am not a mild however, but a couple thoughts fwiw