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Citrate Free Humira

Has anyone tried the new Humira Formula. I have been on it the last month and have to say I am loving it. Before I hated injecting myself every other week because the medicine would burn.

Now that the citrate is no longer in the formula the medicine is very easy to take. No more burning sensation. So glad the FDA finally approved this new formula.
Yes, I've been on it for the last month as well and totally agree. It is MUCH better, no burning sensation at all. I hope everyone on Humira gets transitioned to it sooner rather than later.
Totally agree. I had to specifically ask for it from my doctor as I was the first to let him know about it. The Humira Ambassador mentioned to me it was just approved a few months ago.
I've made the switch and it no longer feels like I am injecting battery acid under my skin. I'm not sure why it took so long to get this variant out on the market.
Took a bit to jump through insurance hoops after my son's GI told us of it, but my son (17 now, and 7 years of painful shots) has had it twice now and it's night and day, honestly. First time he said, 'that was weird', second time we didn't ice up and he said there was no soreness at all. What a relief! It is a .4ml syringe instead of .8, so a bit 'faster', I can also inject it faster since it doesn't hurt. May even go to the epipen version, especially as he'll have to inject himself once off to college.