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Cizmia- running out of options.

I have not read each post on here, so please forgive me if the subject has already been brought up. I have been on so many meds for my Crohn's disease. They either stop working or my body rejects them. I have almost died from septic poisoning, had surgery to remove part of small intestine, colon and appendix due to disease spreading in there, and surgery to drain abscess. I was on remicade and kept getting scary reactions during fusion. My dr tested me for antibodies and my count was so high. He wants to try me on Cimzia for my options are running out. I am concerned that I will have the same reaction to Cimzia as I did with Remicade and my body rejecting it. I had yucky side effects from Remicade and concerned with side effects with Cizmia. I have been out of remission for 3 1/2 yrs. I am wore out physically and emotionally at this point. I also have nerve damage from losing a disc in my back from all the steroid us over years with disease. I had disc replacement surgery that was a blessing for I have zero back pain but left with nerve damage from disc being gone for period of time. The meds for Crohn's can cause more pain to my nerve damage. I cannot go without med for Crohn's , nor can I take side effects from meds anymore. I am a single mom and have children to raise. Any info will be most appreciated and insight on this drug.
Sorry to hear you have had such a horrible time with this disease. I have had a lot of reactions to drugs too and remicade caused me breathing problems and then had an anaphylactic reaction which was very scary. I am now on cimzia and the only reaction I have had is rosacea and dry skin which I am happy to deal with as it seems to be having a positive impact on my health.
Hope this helps and cimzia will make you feel better soon
Hi there,
I had issues with Humira (bad joint problems) and switched to Cimzia. The regular dose helped at first but did not last very long before it seemed to run out early. I have been on 4 shots a month for a year now and it is the first thing that has affected my perianal disease. Good luck and don't be afraid to ask for a higher dosage after a few months if it doesn't seem effective enough.