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Remicade and Humira Cancer "scare"


What might this study mean for patients considering or undergoing anti-TNF treatment? First, it is important to emphasize that while the risk of these adverse events is increased, it is still extremely low compared to the high rate of clinical improvement for IBD. Considering the serious health consequences of active IBD, this study doesn't fundamentally change the balance of efficacy and safety for anti-TNF treatment. Second, it is encouraging that the risk of these adverse events does not appear to increase with prolonged treatment. In fact, this finding is biologically curious, and suggests (according to the authors), that anti-TNF treatment may simply accelerate the detection of preexisting cancer, rather than induce more cancer over the long run. Third, the study suggests that lower doses of anti-TNF treatment may reduce or avoid these adverse events.
The higher response and remission rates with
CIMZIA(TM) (certolizumab pegol) were observed in patients who had been
diagnosed with Crohn's disease for less than one year.

uhhh is this supposed to be helpful


I beleive that the need for Humira and Cizmia comes from them finding a third inflammation cell, and Remicade might not work on that cell since just found recently.

Some people dont respond to Remicade and in some cases, turn around and respond well to humira...

Its the same as having multiple anti-inflammatories...even though they dont get all released the same or in the same spot either.
We need a sticky on this and a list of all medications that are currently prescribed for crohn's patients as well as possible side effects of said medicine...

That way we aren't answering the same questions over and over again...
and actually it should be split between the pills and the IV infused meds so we need a stick on Humira/Remicade and then a seperate one on the other crohn's meds... Most of our questions it seems have come about from people looking into Remicade/Humira...
Ahhhh so now were into the realm of different kinds of TNF-alpha blockers... SO these ones must work on slightly differnet receptors then... Well then that begs the question do they even know (I doubt they do yet) how many different receptors thier are for TNF-alpha blockers and which ones do exactly what including the long term effects on the body of playing around with things you don't fully understand.... I like medicine I take my medicine but I do realize theres a LOT of stuff they do not know and thiers A LOT of "we think this is how something works"... Until diagnostic machines become even more advanced (which they are all the time) its hard to monitor and understand all the side effects of this and other medication...