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Class drug failure-tnf blockers (entivyo info requested)

Has this happened to anyone else? I was on Remicade for a few years when I had a few allergic reactions and was pulled off. Then I was placed on humira 40 mgs every other week, when that wasn't cutting it I was bumped to every week. I had a recent colonoscopy which showed I was still raw and ulcerated on the left side of my colon so a blood test was ordered to check my humira levels. The results came back and there's enough drug in my system bit no detectable antibodies...basically I've failed all tnf blockers. I'm to try entivyo next but after that there's no other approved drug to treat inflammatory bowel disease. I'm burning through drugs like there's no tomorrow. Can someone tell me a little about entivyo, how long the infusions take? The side effects (will I feel worn out after them like I was on Remicade)?
The infusion is given over 30 minutes. You should be watched closely for the first few infusions for any untoward reactions.

I, too, have failed TNF blockers. Humira was a Godsend for me, but I developed the MS-like brain lesions from it and had to stop it. I failed Entyvio, too, though. Right now, there is nothing else for me. I hope you have a good reaction to Entyvio.

If you react favorably to Entyvio, you might want to consider having a port put in. What a joy it was for the infusions, and what a joy it is for all of the lab work. No more digging for peripheral veins. *shudder*
Oh..side effects: For me, I was absolutely crazy-tired for a couple of days after the infusion. Plus, my blood pressure shot up to stroke levels. Muscle cramps from hell. But, this is just me. I was pulled off of it. You may not have any of these. Make sure someone knows if you develop a cough that's not related to a cold/sinuses/allergies.
Have you tried combination therapy? The Humira alone every other week doesn't do it for me, but when combined with Imuran, my symptoms are well controlled.
I'm also on 4 pills (1.2 grams each) of lialda and 25 mgs of mercaptipourine (6mp). The class that 6mp falls into I can only moderately metabolize so I can't go up any further on that. I was on 50 mgs but I was starting to not produce enough white blood cells so I had to be dropped down.

I'm at the point now where I'm burning through a lot of the drugs. I'm also a difficult case as they've never been able to pinpoint which disease I have. The diagnosis changes often between uc and crohns (I sometimes have biopsies that appear to be crohns but it also biopsies and has symptoms of uc). At this point my diagnosis is medicine resistant uc. My last colonoscopy showed friability, ulcers and inflammation in the left part of my colon, which they've said maybe the drugs aren't getting to the left side. I guess I'm happy that it's no longer involving my entire colon but my left side is still very diseased. I've also had this disease for 8 years and I'm frustrated that I'm in this position now. For the past 2-3 years they've been saying it may be best to just remove the entire colon and rectum and have a permanent illiostomy.