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Clinical Guide to Probiotic Products by AEProbio

my little penguin

Staff member
Probiotics are like diet
For some they help
Others they do nothing or make them worse

most see improvements when the rectum is involved especially UC that is what VSL#3(now visobiome) was originally studied for.

vsl #3 was bought from the original owner 5 years ago (???)
The new owners changed the plant locations and the “formula “ of the probiotic
But never changed the claims that it was the same as the original version .
The FDA became involved and vsl#3 was stopped in production/sale in the US .

Due to this the original owner from the beginning started a new company visobiome which met all of the claims /studies for the fda with the original formula of probiotics

I know for my kiddo
The original vsl#3 worked
The changed version of vsl#3 (no milk protein present) did nothing

visobiome works for him as well

other probiotics out there have helped him a little but not as much as this stuff